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Working in the now, near and far future we help brands to imagine their biodesigned future. From microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and algae to cellulose, chitin and protein fibres like silk, we're exploring Nature's sustainable materials for future consumer products.
Our clients span two worlds. We're building relationships with biomaterial innovators so we can empower fashion, sport and luxury brands to understand, imagine and prototype future visions with this new material landscape. What will your brand look like in a biodesigned future?
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Drydye Technology

Just one year after the introduction of DryDye, a breakthrough sustainable technology that altogether eliminates the need for water in the dyeing process, adidas announces additional water savings by utilizing this technology in its Prime T-shirt range.
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    We make progressive use of technology to achieve functional excellence in our work and create substantial value for our clients. The company and its group stamp of personalized efficiency is what make it possible